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You can access the complete functionality of Cocospy without rooting the target device. It supports all devices running Android 4.

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The solution works in a simple manner. It does not require you to root the target device. Yet, you will need the physical access to the target device once for installation of Cocospy app. After completing the Cocospy setup on the target device, you would not need it again. Getting started with Cocospy Android Tracking solution is a matter of minutes only. While you catch a cheater, it is important that the cheater does not catch you first.

With Cocospy iOS solution, catching a cheater is as simple as signing up for a new account on social networking site. Yes, every bit of this is true! Yet, you can spy on all activities of the iPhone device. With Cocospy iOS Monitoring cellphone solution, you can spy on the target phone through iCloud credentials alone.

It is a web-based monitoring solution that can be accessed online easily via any web browser. You can remotely configure the iPhone and keep an eye on it. Unlike its competitors, Cocospy has successfully incorporated the right technologies to provide you complete control over the target device.

You can access all basic and advanced monitoring features of Cocospy without jailbreaking the target device. Cocospy iOS Monitoring solution can be accessed online. Once you have registered an account, you can follow the setup wizard to configure the target device. Cocospy would require iCloud credentials of the account associated on the target device. Using these credentials, Cocospy would extract the data from iCloud Backup.

The data is synchronized and displayed to your Cocospy dashboard. Cocospy would automatically initiate the data synchronization service after a certain time interval to make sure you see the updated data while spying. Spyic is another useful and effective spy solution to catch a cheater. It is a balanced combination of features, performance, and affordability. Spyic has set it up for you! Click here to see Spyic demo. Spyic offers a No Root Android solution to track the activities of the target device.

This means you can access all Spyic features, including the monitoring of third-party social apps, without rooting the device. This is a web-based monitoring solution.

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  8. This means that you can configure the target device online via any web browser using the iCloud credentials of the target iOS device. Note that you do not need to install any application on your or target device. What else are you looking for? Roll your sleeves up, get Spyic and begin your catch a cheater mission today! Spyic provides a remote cellphone monitoring solution for both, Android and iOS devices. The Android devices running Android 4. Also, Spyic is compatible with all versions of iOS.

    Spyzie is an extremely cheap yet reliable means of catching a cheating spouse. This app has one unique feature that makes it stand out from all the others. After you install it into the target phone, the Spyzie icon automatically gets deleted. It has all the essential features for catching a cheater such as location tracking, keylogging, call logging, social media tracking, etc. You may like: Is My Husband Cheating? XNSPY is the smoothest and fastest app to catch a cheater. As such, if your spouse keeps multiple phones, this is the perfect app.

    It gives you access to all their call logs, internet browsing history, text messages, and keylogging as well. Using catch a cheater apps are really effective, there is no doubt about it. In that case, you need to up your spy game and use a mini spy camera. There are a lot of hidden spy cameras in the market.

    Best Free hidden iPhone and Android Spy Apps for Cheating Spouses

    Some of them are so tiny that you can slip them into any office and no one will find out, and some can be disguised as regular wearable objects. It comes in the form of a tiny camera lens attached to the end of a holding stick. You can easily carry it around in your pockets and plant it anywhere. One of the best aspects of this camera is that the lens comes in 8 different shapes — a screw head, a button, etc.

    As such, you can conceal it in any form you like. You can use the screw-head lens to attach the camera to his office doorframe to see who is coming and going. There are a number of different ways to spy with this versatile mini spy camera. You can use it spy on them with clear videos and do so remotely through a mobile app. One of the best ways to spy on your spouse especially a husband is to gift them a fancy pen.

    Men love carrying stylish pens in their coat pockets. It serves as a functional and sleek accessory. No one will every suspect that an innocent-looking pen is actually a surveillance device. As such, you can only review the footage when you retrieve the pen later and connect it to your computer to gather the data.

    This mini spy camera was also featured in our list of Best Button Cameras. Sunsome Mini Video Camera Sunglasses is a spy camera lens that looks just like a regular pair of glasses. The camera lens is located in the bridge between the two lenses. As such, you can gift it to your spouse, if they wear glasses. This camera was featured in our list of the Best Hidden Camera Glasses. Most cheating spouses have the bare decency of cheating outside of their own home. It looks like a normal alarm clock that you can place next to your bed. Using spy apps and cameras is the best way of catching a cheater.

    However, before you do that, you should make sure that you have something to actually worry about.

    This will help you determine whether to go ahead and use spy apps and cameras to gather evidence of their cheating. If you can identify some of these signs, it might be nothing. So now you know all about how to catch a cheater.

    Part 2. Top 5 Free iPhone Spy Apps to Spy on Cheating Spouse

    To do that, you can use the spy apps and cameras mentioned. It will give you a complete look at their life, both online and offline. Find out if your spouse if cheating today I feel I am just desperate now trying to find resources to point me in the right direction for some answers in my relationship. I know that their is a 3rd involved an common sense has already told me what this app had to offer I want my money back this app is such BS. Don't waste your money!!! I want my money back! Please read reviews before fall on it this BS! Requires iOS 6. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

    How to Catch a Cheater: 16 Ways to Spy on a Cheating Spouse

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