Program to track cell phone location

Personal use — What do you do when you lose your phone? Installing mobile track, it helps locate our phones when they are stolen. The application can also delete all the information according to your specification. A smartphone is a straightforward device to lose. Not just being stolen but it can fall off our pockets while in the park or bus.

How to Track Phone without Installing Software?

The smartphone withholding a lot of data about our lives is very sensitive when someone else accesses it. It is near to impossible when we try to recover the lost data. Not only the phone getting lost, but it can malfunction or be damaged.

The device can be infected with malware which can destroy all the data. Thanks to cloud services such as the Hoverwatch program you can retrieve your data quickly. The information includes contacts, call history, call identity, call duration, call location, images, audio files, call place and recordings to be available when you need them. When the software is activated, it will use the Global Positioning Systems, Wi-Fi signal and other technological monitoring ways to locate your phone or the one who you are tracking.

How to track a cell phone location without them knowing?

All the information you need to access is on Hoverwatch. The user who wants to follow will learn all they need from the site. It is encrypted, and your data is safe. The user can change his location trucking frequency via the setting panel to achieve his desired time interval. When you install the Hoverwatch software, you do not need even the phone to be on. It uses the cell towers radio signal to locate the user phone. The software keeps the record for the call logs.

The option also provides the GPS location of the monitored phone.

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The person being tracked can never notice the software on their phone. Your spying will be anonymous forever. The Hoover application retrieves even messages deleted on the platform.

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It will access the group chat messages as well. The Whatsapp spy will detect the one sending indecent images and pictures to the phone being monitored. The Hoverwatch app tracks and keep records of all the browsing history regardless of the option you choose to browse. The app will retrieve all the messages and media shared through the platform. It will monitor any activity done on the facebook account through the phone. The new Simcard number will be recorded for reference.

If the activity done through the number is suspicious all information will be stored. Step 3.

A free application with many features

If the target phone is iOS, there is no need for any app installation. You can spy on the target phone just by their iCloud credentials, without accessing the phone even once. If the target phone is Android, you will have to install the Cocospy app on the target phone. Step 4. Give the system a few minutes to sync the data of target phone on your Cocospy dashboard. Step 5. You will be taken to the Cocospy dashboard.

Flexispy Review & Demo - The Best Cell Phone Tracking Software

See, as I told you beforehand, Cocospy is a very easy and one of the best tracking services I have seen. You should get started and track a cell phone via Cocospy now. Spyic is the only thing in the market that is capable of giving a close competition to Cocopsy. But if all you need is to know where the target user at any instant, you are going to love Spyic. It works like a ninja that is always keeping an eye on the person without their knowledge.

Spyic is also a web-based service. It does not require you to root or jailbreak the target phone.


However, it truly holds the claim of tracking a cell phone location with the number of the cell phone. This is due to its reverse phone lookup feature.

How to Track a Phone without Installing Software

With Spokeo, you can enter the number of the target phone and it will give you the address of the device, along with the last known addresses. This is a unique feature that the other entries on this list lack. However, the usefulness of this feature is up for debate. There are very few who would pick it over apps like Cocospy or Spyic.

Life is an application for Android and iOS that allows location sharing between family and friends. With Life, you can create groups and add your family members or friends in the group.


They will get constant updates about your live location. Further, it also allows you to chat with the members on the location page. Further, if you are using Life, you cannot do it in stealth mode. The target user will always know. Glympse is a simple and minimalistic app.