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One last feature worth mentioning is an SOS button. When a child presses this button, it sends out an alert to the parent and any other trusted contacts. The notification includes time and location information and will in some cases keep broadcasting said data until either the child deactivates the alarm or the parent disables it from their own account.

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This works regardless of platform and even if a child has run out of their allotted time. Parents who are worried about always being reachable to their kids in case of emergencies should consider Qustodio and Locategy for this reason.

Although the range of features that parental control software supports is impressive, no system is perfect. If your children want to get around the limitations you impose, they will likely be able to do so either by using unmonitored devices or finding ways to wipe their devices clean of the controlling apps.

How to Monitor Your Kids' Mobile Devices

Thus, it's worthwhile to take the time to talk with your child about why you have installed monitoring software in the first place. After all, digital safety and security are worthwhile topics for everyone. It's better to approach these conversations honestly, rather than have them find out on their own and stop trusting you. Especially for older children, it's also important to listen to your child's specific privacy concerns, rather than just setting rules and restrictions that may otherwise be seen as arbitrary.

Time scheduler for internet, device, and application usage. Location tracking. Cons: Very expensive.

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Social monitoring only tracks Facebook. Dated web portal. Some iOS limitations. Pros: Affordable. No limit on devices or child profiles. Flexible control of device and app usage. Robust web filtering. Extensive alert system. Cons: Several iOS limitations. Content filtering limited to specific browsers. Social monitoring only covers Facebook and VK. Sluggish web interface. Excellent web dashboard. Settings apply across all devices. No limit on number of PC, phones, tablets, or children protected. Tracks child's location. Cons: Does not work on Macs.

No Free version anymore. Web extension is easily disabled. Platform-dependent features. Lackluster social media tracking.

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Bottom Line: Norton Family's top-notch web interface and wealth of features make it easy for parents to track and manage their children's activity across their many devices, though it doesn't work on Macs. Pros: Supports Windows, Mac, Android. Web-based configuration and reporting. Powerful filtering. Cross-platform internet time allowance. App control for Android. Cons: No new updates. No location tracking. Lacks advanced time management control.

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Limited iOS features. Pros: Good app and device usage controls. Useful web filters. Supports geofencing. Call and SMS supervision on Android. Cons: Expensive. Some limitations on iOS. Must configure each device separately. Requires proprietary browser. It's mobile-only, though, so you can't use it to monitor Macs or PCs.

Pros: Excellent iOS app design. Accurate and well-implemented location tracking. App blocking and usage schedules.

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  8. Free version available. Cons: No support for Macs and PCs. Lacks call and SMS blocking. No social media monitoring. Web filtering only works on specific browsers. Bottom Line: Locategy's parental control app for Android and iOS keeps track of your kid's activities and location, but some design elements could use a refresh and the web filtering capabilities only work with a few browsers. Pros: Easy install and setup. App Blocker. Call and SMS logging on Android.

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    Cannot monitor Macs or PCs. No web content filtering.

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    Easily uninstalled. Not all features work as expected. Inconsistent features across platforms. Bottom Line: FamilyTime Premium does a decent job of keeping track of your kids' locations on Android and iOS, but it's a mobile-only parental control solution, and its lack of web filtering and inconsistent performance are serious shortcomings. He has previously written for Laptop Mag, Neowin.

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