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Hidden Camera Detector App for iPhone

To get started, connect the camera to a Wi-Fi network and view a live stream of the video via a smartphone app. The camera also sends a push notification when sensing motion and records video to an optional microSD card. The live video stream and recordings are available through the app. The weatherproof Maximus Security Camera and Outdoor Light from Kuna is available in many different colors and styles to match your existing landscape.

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Instead of obviously being a camera, like other options, the Maximus camera is more discreet but just as powerful. If necessary, you can communicate with people in range, send a pre-recorded voice message, or activate the decibel alarm. Recordings of previous events are available to view in the cloud.

As a nice touch, you can even control the light using Amazon Alexa. Probably the most well-known type of hidden camera, these use built-in batteries.

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While you can place the cameras almost anywhere, the downside is that the battery will eventually need to be recharged or replaced. While that may not be entirely practical, they are perfect for truly covert surveillance.

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As a nice touch, when using night vision, there is no visible red glow from the camera housing. That makes it a perfect choice to place anywhere a normal photo frame resides like on a wall or desk. The system sports a built-in DVR that can record short clips of motion events up to 60 seconds on a microSD card. You can view the video using their smartphone app or record to a photo album instead.

A smoke detector is another everyday object that blends into any home. The camera, which also uses night vision to record in the dark, will send a notification to a smartphone when it senses motion. You can see a live view using the app or record to an optional microSD card of up to GB.

7 best spy camera apps for iPhone 2017

The battery can provide up to four hours of video recording on a single charge. With one of these spy cameras, you can easily keep an eye on your home or business without tipping off everyone in the room. These completely wireless security cameras are just what you need to cut the cord. Read More. Instead of requiring a power source, these options use a rechargeable battery so you can place them almost anywhere. Your email address will not be published.

Spying on others using your phone may sound sneaky and nefarious, but there are legitimate and non-creepy reasons you may want to do so, such as ensuring the safety of your kids or pets, keeping an eye on service providers, or nabbing burglars.

Once these spy camera apps are installed on your phone, they can capture photos or videos, without giving themselves away with sound or visual cues. This app requires two devices, which is easy if you have an old mobile phone or tablet lying around. Use the walkie-talkie feature to talk between the two devices or scare away intruders.

Alfred is free to download and has in-app purchases. As "stealth" as it may be, you still have to point your phone's camera at the photo subject. Designed for stealth photo ops, this Android app helps you take silent photos of your sleeping baby, a hushed library, outdoor wildlife, or in any other quiet environment. Silent Secret Camera HD is free with in-app purchases. Choose to show the photo preview on your screen, or disguise it with a blank screen, or other images, such as a plant or a calculator, or your own upload.

You can also schedule a recording for a future time. The app has additional features that allow you to use your front or back camera, trim videos after you record them, store videos, and set the maximum video recording time. Background Video Recorder is free with in-app purchases. Use the video recorder shortcut or the pink floating button within the app to easily start and stop recordings. Download Background Video Recorder for Android. Use this app to capture photo and video images on the sly.

Step 1: Get a security camera app running on your old phone(s)

Leave the camera set up in a particular location such as a room in your home , and it will record when any motion happens there. Or, set it up to automatically capture photos every few seconds. Your photos and videos remain secure in a password-protected folder. This home security solution enables you to use an old device as your in-house camera along with your current one to monitor it.