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Get Rogers Phone Finder now, before you lose your device. From a tablet, PC or smartphone, visit rogers.

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Select Register to create an account. Click this link and a text message will be sent to your mobile device. Now, if and when you misplace your device, you can find it within minutes. Go to rogers. Click Sign In and follow the prompts.

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Enter a location, then receive either an email or text message, or both, that lets you know in real-time if your loved one reached that location. Imagine the peace of mind. Log into your Phone Finder account. To add a family member or friend , enter his or her name and telephone number.

For more details, visit rogers.

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You are also able to play a sound to find it, lock the device and completely erase the contents. It's always a good idea to know how to sync your device with your computer or how to install latest updates. Different phones have different approaches as to how you manage your data, synchronize it with your computer, or update your OS system. Data Back-Up: to perform a data back-up of all of your files multimedia, contacts, documents, apps etc.

Go through the full installation process.

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Start iTunes on your computer. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB connection cable. You will see a synch process starting up and asking you which items you'd like to synchronize with. Select the items you wish to sync. Please be careful: the first sync may erase content from your iPhone if you don't specify that you wish to keep it.

Certified Devices are devices that have been previously "used" and allow you to purchase an amazing smartphone for a fraction of the price. The main difference is the size. When you bring your own device and subscribe to our wireless services there is no early cancellation fee so you can cancel anytime you wish. When you subscribe to our services with a contract and receive a subsidized device from PhoneBox, you are responsible for the subsidized device cost based on the remaining duration of your contract. You can cancel your contract at anytime by paying the full remaining amount of the subsidized device cost.

PhoneBox is entitled to ask for any overages occurred during this time of the usage. Toll Free: Email: info gophonebox.

Premium Device Protection

Shop NEW. Login Log Out Map Search. Using a new SIM card will not affect any settings on your phone. SIM Activation Instructions.

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How to activate your SIM card online Go to www. Step 1 Age : You must be 18 years of age to activate. Step 3 Number Location : We require to know the city and province you are going to be living in to assign you a correct phone number and area code. Step 4 Porting in Number : You are only able to port in a Canadian phone number form another Canadian service provider. Step 5 Promotion Code : Enter in a promotion code if you have one. Step 6 Plan : Choose your Plan.

Step 7 Personal Information : Enter in your name and email and continue onto the billing page.

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  • Step 8 Plan Details : Review your plan details. Step 9 Payment : Choose your payment method and complete the payment section. APN Settings Telus. Click on "Update Settings". If these settings are incorrect, disconnect the USB cable, wait 60 seconds, and reconnect it. Repeat steps 1 to 5. APN Settings Rogers.

    How the police could be tracking your phone

    APN Settings Bell. Securing Your Device. You need to be logged-in to iCloud on your iPhone. Setting Up Your Voice-mail. Voice-mail is a great and useful feature that's included in each of our plans! Please use the following instructions below on how to set up your Voice-mail: 1.

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    • You must call from your handset not landline when initializing voice mail. When prompted for a password, kindly enter a password between 4 and 15 digits. Once you have set-up your password, you are then asked to record your name and personal greeting. Switching your SIM Card. Step 2 Withdraw SIM card tray.

      Step 3 Insert SIM card. Smartphone Step 1 Take off the back cover with your finger or fingernail. Step 2 Withdraw battery. Step 3 Switch SIM card. Managing Your Device.